Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) is a leading research and development center and the largest technical university in the Pomeranian Region. GUT is one of the oldest technical universities in Poland. The impressive 77-hectare University campus is a harmonic combination of 100-years old buildings with XXI century ultramodern premises.

Currently GUT with almost 26 thousand students and 1200 academics is one of the leading technical universities in Poland offering 33 fields of undergraduate studies and 29 of graduate studies, including 4 Interdepartmental as well as 2 intercollegiate, unique in the country: mechanical-medical engineering, and construction chemistry. 15 of these studies is offered in English. GUT currently has more than 420 bilateral agreements under the Erasmus program and nearly 80 cooperation agreements of a general nature. There are also agreements about double diploma programs with Danish, French, German, Swedish and Italian universities.

The University itself has broad connections with the business world, for example it is the member of several clusters: Pomeranian Bio-Eco-Chemical Cluster, Polish Maritime Cluster, Klima Pomerania, Interizon Pomeranian ICT Cluster – which is one of the most developed clusters in Poland, awarded with the title of the Key Pomeranian Region Cluster in a competition organized by the Regional Board.

Project Team: Malgorzata Zieba, Anna Lis, Ewa Stolarek-Muszyńska

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