Project Coordinator

TALTECH is the biggest university in Estonia. Founded in 1918, the University status was granted in 1936. The mission of TALTECH is to support knowledge-based economic development through research and science-based higher education in engineering, natural, and social sciences. TALTECH’s R&D mission is to create synergy between technology, exact, natural, health, and social sciences serving the development of the society. TALTECH mission leads the University to conduct fundamental and applied research at the international level, seeing potential in developing high-tech applications.

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) is providing educational, research, and innovation services in the wider field of management. It has long and profound experiences in carrying out relevant research and project work including national and European projects concerning innovation, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, and regional development as well as change, risk, and human resource management. The research focus of the department is on the digital transformation of SMEs, innovative business ecosystems and competence development for both start-ups and established SMEs, as well as knowledge management, network mapping, e-governance, and sustainable development of private and public organizations. The new School of Business and Governance has been formed around the former Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration with a focus on business, economy, and society.

Project Coordinator:
Prof. Susanne Durst, one of the leading subject experts regarding knowledge (risk) management, in SMEs in particular

Team members:
Samuel Foli, PhD student
Elena Domínguez Romero
, PhD student 

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