The Knowman team is happy to introduce our flexible online platform tailored for employees in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS), seeking to enhance their proficiency in Knowledge Management (KM). Our platform stands out by offering an extensive array of free training materials conveniently organized into concise “knowledge pills” delivered through engaging video formats or easily accessible PDFs. The comprehensive content is structured around eight main topics, each encompassing various subtopics, ensuring a holistic and structured approach to KM education.

Delve into the fundamentals with topics covering KM in general and the significance of knowledge, providing a solid foundation for understanding the broader context. Explore specialized areas such as knowledge documentation, creation, sourcing, and retention, unraveling the intricacies of capturing, generating, and preserving valuable organizational insights. Equip yourself with the skills needed for effective knowledge sharing and transfer, a critical aspect in fostering collaboration and innovation within KIBS environments. Navigate through advanced concepts including the intersection of KM and Human Resources Management, proactive management of knowledge risks, and practical knowledge application. Lastly, explore miscellaneous aspects that round out your KM expertise.

Our platform is designed to empower KIBS professionals with a tailored, accessible, and self-paced learning experience, enabling them to unlock the full potential of knowledge within their organizations. Elevate your career with our dynamic training materials and embark on a journey toward becoming a KM expert.

Trainees might also elevate the learning experience on our platform by taking advantage of the interactive quizzes designed to assess your level of knowledge and understanding in the field of Knowledge Management (KM). These quizzes are strategically crafted to align with the eight main topics and various subtopics covered in our knowledge pills.

The Knowman training platform, a free application that does not need to be downloaded, designed especially for mobile, can be accessed here. If you prefer to check the training platform on a laptop/desktop, we recommend accessing it as a Moodle course which does not need registration to explore – click here for access.