UNIPD is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions. It is a multi-disciplinary university that aims to provide high-quality education, foster research, nurture international relations, and promote strong links with the local territory. Courses are constantly updated to meet the ever-changing needs of the labor market.

In terms of research excellence, the National Research Assessment Committee ranks UNIPD at the top among leading Italian universities for the quality of its research results. Based on the number of citations and publications (ISI), UNIPD ranks among the top 3 Italian universities for the total impact index, productivity index, and presence index. Research at UNIPD is also attracting more and more public and private funding. The university’s ability to contribute to the cultural development and economic growth of the region is also confirmed by the number of ongoing contracts with public and private bodies for experimental activities. UNIPD is a leading University in Europe for the implementation of innovative teaching methods and digital teaching/learning approaches. Today, this is becoming a distinctive competence of UNIPD, which is investing resources in EU projects and internal activities aimed at a renovation of teaching activities. Also, as regards teaching and learning, the University has a point of strength represented by the multi-disciplinary nature of its specializations: it includes departments and course programs that range from humanities and pedagogy, from medicine to engineering, from hard science to social disciplines. Specific programs for implementing transversal teaching competencies and for developing multi-disciplinary “communities of practice” of teachers and instructors are currently being implemented at UNIPD. The University is one of the leading Universities in Italy (and among the most active internationally) as regards internationalization of research and teaching.

UNIPD has developed central management competencies and also specialist staff in each Department that specializes in the management of international projects. DTG – Department of Management and Engineering was created in 1991. The Department’s activities cover two main fields. One regards the typical engineering areas like e.g., industrial design and technical innovations; products, production, and materials development; micro- and nano-technology; energy, etc. The other one refers to business management and organization. Especially, researchers at this department have a long tradition in knowledge management studies that dates back to the 1990’s, and were among the pioneers in this field not only at the University of Padova but also at a national and international level. The International Association for Knowledge Management, which gathers scholars and experts of a wide international community, was founded here in 2012

Project Coordinator: Ettore Bolisani

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