SNSPA – The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, established in 1991 as a school of governance and training of professionals for essential social areas, is a landmark in the Romanian academic setting. Most of the faculty members have not only a strong academic background but also strong practical experience. They are also part of various academic and professional networks, both domestic and international. SNSPA is part of the European CIVICA consortium. The SNSPA community is involved in various research and practice-oriented projects, aiming at stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in its community. In the project, SNSPA is represented by the Faculty of Management.

The Faculty of Management is the youngest structure of SNSPA and one of the most dynamic, which grew significantly in the past few years, aiming for academic excellence. The research undertaken is not only empirical in nature, but also has a strong practice-oriented nature, being developed together with market research and business organizations. It also organizes events and round tables connecting the SNSPA community to the world of practitioners and business. Even during the pandemic, many online meetings between students and the representatives of companies, including KIBS ones, have been periodically organized. Students are also encouraged to participate in many business-oriented competitions and short-term training programs developed by leading businesses.

Project Coordinator: Alexandra Zbuchea

Main research team: Constantin Brătianu, Elena Dinu, Andra Iliescu, Roxana Stăneiu, Bianca Sălăgean 

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