In our recent presentation in the framework of the Erasmus+ project ‘Knowledge Management Training for KIBS SMEs – KNOWMAN,’ we embarked on a journey to showcase the multifaceted landscape of knowledge management (KM), its intersection with advanced technological solutions – generative artificial intelligence (AI) in particular, and its pivotal role in the success of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The main aspect discussed in our event has been as follow: 

Knowledge Management at the Core 

The KNOWMAN project stands as a valuable and comprehensive support platform for KIBS SMEs in their quest for excellence in KM. These enterprises are at the core of the project, thus serving as the primary audience for KNOWMAN’s deliverables, which are an interactive guide filled with best practices and solutions for KM challenges and an e-learning training module materials dedicated to KM for KIBS SMEs.  

Navigating AI in KIBS SMEs  

In our presentation, we illustrated paths from traditional AI to generative AI. While traditional AI focuses on replicating specific tasks, generative AI, often referred to as ‘Strong AI’, would mean a completely new era where machines autonomously create new knowledge. This process which will have implications for organizations and stresses the special importance of KM for any organization. Examples of AI-powered areas of application relevant for different types of industries were discussed. 

Knowledge Pills: KM excellence in KIBS SMEs through state-of the art expertise from KNOWMAN

The main points of the KNOWMAN project are the interactive guide and the e-learning module based on so-called knowledge pills. These invaluable resources are not only for training, but also provide KIBS SMEs with expert-recommended strategies and best practices for KM. The ‘Knowledge Pills’ represent and offer effective solutions to effectively address the typical KM challenges faced by KIBS SMEs in their daily business. 

In conclusion, the event provided a good opportunity to discuss the link between knowledge management, AI and the future of KIBS SMEs. The outcomes of the KNOWMAN project hopes to make a contribution to enhanced competitiveness of KIBS SMEs to better cope with the dynamic and constantly evolving business landscape.