2023 is the year when artificial intelligence reached the masses, thanks in large part to ChatGPT, but not only. There were already tools and platforms that significantly simplified operations and processes using artificial intelligence. It’s just that they were never talked about as much or paid attention to.

The extremely rapid development of technology has led to the fact that entrepreneurs face several challenges at the same time. How to manage in an environment where information and knowledge are updated many times faster and crises are followed by new and new ones? How should companies manage their knowledge in the current information society? What are the critical success factors so that the most important assets of companies are protected? What kind of work tools and approaches help company representatives keep the situation under control in knowledge management?
We are looking for answers to these and many other questions at the event held as part of the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day. Knowman is a partner, being represented by Susanne Durst and Elena Domínguez Romero. 

Come and join the discussion!
When? 26th of September 2023 from at Viru Conference Center in Tallinn.