During the 10th edition of the Strategica conference, the KNOMAN Romanian research team presented the results of a theoretical and practical investigation into how the organizational culture of Romanian KIBS integrates knowledge: Organisational Culture as Knowledge Integrator in Romanian KIBS. Utilizing a qualitative research approach, the study analyzed data collected through twelve interviews with representatives of three selected Romanian KIBS-designated SMEs. Through their research, the authors unveiled that Romanian KIBS prefer organizational cultures (clan and adhocracy models) that promote knowledge integration, engagement, and collaboration. This exploratory research implemented with the support of KNOWMAN project contributes to the discourse surrounding knowledge management within KIBS and its correlation with the culture of the organization. 

Strategica Conference is a yearly forum where academicians, scholars, managers, corporate representatives, and policymakers convene to exchange their perspectives, experiences, and the most recent research findings. It is organized by the Faculty of Management in SNSPA, in cooperation with the National Bank of Romania. More details on the conference are available here. 

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Dinu, E., Iliescu, A.N., Staneiu, R.-M., & Salageanu (Șoldan), B.R. (2022). Organisational Culture as Knowledge Integrator in Romanian KIBS. In Anghel et al. (Eds.), Strategica. Sustainable Development and Strategic Growth (pp. 1059-1070), Tritonic. 


The present study addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of the Romanian KIBS and the way organizational culture acts as a knowledge integrator in such companies. The relevance of the research topic is supported by the KIBS’ widely agreed-upon contribution to innovation and sustainable development. This study aims to identify how three different Romanian KIBS acquire, document, share, store, and apply knowledge based on their organizational culture specificities. The research applied a qualitative method by analyzing data acquired following 12 interviews with members of three selected Romanian SMEs categorized as KIBS. As a result of the research, the authors found that KIBS favour organizational cultures (clan and adhocracy models) which facilitate collaboration, engagement, and knowledge integration. This exploratory research adds to the topic of knowledge management in KIBS and its relationship with the organizational culture. 

The study can be downloaded here