Knowledge Management (KM) is an essential source of competitive advantage for KIBS, as revealed by numerous academic research. Still, not so many organizations are assuming strategic KM for various reasons. In order to understand the specific situation in KIBS, we recommend you access the Knowledge Management Challenges in Knowledge Intensive Business Services SMEs Report – synthesizing a complex investigation of 40 KIBS in Estonia, Italy, Poland, and Romania. The main findings of this study, developed by the Knowman team in June-September 2022, are: 

– KM happens in a less systematic way and shows emphasis on certain KM aspects. This is good news as any further activities could be based on the activities already found in the companies. 

–  KM is time-consuming and requires both financial and non-financial resources to be improved.  

–  There is still a great need for training on KM to convince more KIBS SMEs of the benefits of systematic KM.

More details are in the report – here